The Troy Mills Fire Department is a full volunteer fire department.

Below is the list of current active members and cadets, and their status and ranks.

Cadets are members that are under the age of 18.

Joe Fiala - Chief / FF2 Certified / Driver Operator Certified

Tom Johnson - Assistant Chief / FF2 Certified/ Driver Operatrer Certified

Don Cope - Captain of Fire / FF2 Certified / Driver Operator Certified

Will Rogan - FF1 Certified

Cody Johnson - FF1 Certified

Cory Johnson - FF1 Certified

Daden Oberbreklin - Firefighter

Dakota Hills - Firefighter

Blake Rawson - Firefighter

Brenen Rawson - Firefighter

Kim Rogan - Firefighter

Angie Donley - AEMT

Don Donley - EMT-P

John Blaber - EMT

Karen Payton - RN

Kim Fiala - Treasurer

Cheyanne Mefford - Cadet

Kassie Rogan - Cadet

Lucas Bates - Cadet

Troy Mills Fire Department