The Troy Mills Fire Department is a full volunteer fire department.

We currently have (insert number here) active members and explorers. Bellow is a list below for everyone's status and rank.

Cadets are members that are under the age of 18.

Joe Fiala - Cheif / FF2 Certified / Driver Operator Certified

Tom Johnson - Assistant Cheif / Firefighter FF2 Certified/ Driver Operatrer Certified

Don Cope - Captain of Fire / Firefighter FF2 Certified / Driver Operator Certified

Cody Johnson - President / Firefighter / Website Maintainer

Cory Johnson - Treasurer / Firefighter / Website Developer

Blake Rawson - Cadet

Brenen Rawson - Cadet

Cassey R - Cadet

Daden O - Cadet

Dakota Hills - Cadet

Kim R - Cadet

Troy Mills Fire Department